Why Trust TruVitals?

As parents ourselves, we know how you want to be extra sure of anything that you give to our children.  So, while we can say that we are clean and nutridense, how can you TRUST us? 

 Because we are the ONLY brand which conducts more than 250+ tests on our production through a government certified laboratory and OPENLY shares the test report with you. 

Access the Report Card at the bottom of the page!

No Biological Contaminants

As we use natural ingredients, we test for biological contaminants across all our products. These include pesticide residues, pathogens, naturally occurring toxic materials, heavy metals and crop contaminants.

No Artificial Ingredients

All our products are made with natural ingredients & are completely free of  artificial  flavours, colours, preservatives etc. Basically we strictly stay aways from any “number’ or “chemical” that you may see on ingredient list of BIG brands.

FSSAI Certified

All our products are FSSAI certified, which means, all our products have been evaluated and found to be in compliance with the food safety standard regulation set by the Indian authority. This ensures that the product is safe for consumption & meets necessary quality assurance.

Check the section below for our FSSAI license.

GMP Compliant Facilities

TruVitals products manufacturing sites are GMP compliant. Good Manufacturing practice (GMP) is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. GMP covers all aspects of production from the starting materials, premises and equipment to the training and personal hygiene of staff.

Our Latest Certificates

TruVitals FSSAI License

View License

TVMG21001 – TruVitals Kids MultiVitamin & Fiber Gummies Test Certificate

View Certificate (PDF)

TVIG21001 – TruVitals Kids Immunity & Fiber Gummies Test Certificate

View Certificate (PDF)

TVMG22001 – TruVitals Kids Multivitamin & Fiber Gummies Test Certificate

View Certificate (PDF)

STD22091 - TruVitals Chocolate Protein Diskettes Test Certificate

View Certificate (PDF)

SLTVL001 & SLTVL001A- TruVitals Brain Booster Milk Mix Test Certificate

View Certificate (PDF)

How to read Certificate of Analysis

We partner with reputed laboratories for analysis of our products. Each product undergoes these tests and the results have the values in the report as shared below:

LOQ: Limit of quantification - The lowest amount that can be estimated. 

BLQ: Below the limit of Quantification - The amount of substance is so low that it is not possible to estimate. 

ND - Not detected 

 LOQ and BLQ are laboratory specific.