Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is TruVitals safe for everyday consumption?

    A:  Yes, all TruVitals  products are clean, plant-based which are backed by thorough scientific research . The products undergo 300+ tests which include common allergen test as well. Thus, making it safe for consumption on a regular basis by all.


    Q. For how long should I continue giving the gummies to my kid ?

      A: There is no time to limit the consumption of the multivitamin and fiber gummies. However, to see maximum benefit and continuous improvement it is suggested to be used consistently.


      Q. How do I decide between multivitamin gummies and immunity gummies?

      A:  While both the products are 100% vegetarian and plant based, the focus of multivitamin gummies is to top up the nutrients which kids dont take on a regular basis through daily food. Immunity gummies focus on boosting their immunity. Consuming  both the gummies can help meet majority of nutritional gap.


      Q. Is TruVitals gluten free ?

      A: TruVitals undergoes 300+ tests along with 10 common allergen tests. It does not contain gluten or any other major allergens like wheat, soy, milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish. To know more about our allergen tests check out our page on Test Reports & Certifications.


      Q. Is TruVitals Vegetarian ?

      A: Yes, TruVitals is 100% vegetarian. Being a clean plant-based product, it is also free from preservatives and allergens.


      Q. Do TruVitals gummies contain artificial sweeteners ?

      A: TruVitals gummies are completely free of artificial sweeteners, artificial colours and artificial flavours.


      Q. Are artificial colours used in the gummies ?

      A: TruVitals gummies are completely free of artificial sweeteners, artificial colours and artificial flavours. Our gummies contain only natural colors and flavours, due to which sometimes there could be a change in the colour and texture of the gummies from batch to batch of production and over time. However, this change has nothing to do with the quality of the product.


      Q. Can my child consume TruVitals gummies everyday ?

      A: Yes, TruVitals gummies can be consumed safely everyday.


      Q. What is the best time for my child to have TruVitals gummies for maximum benefit?

      A: The fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E are best absorbed with some fat. Therefore, it may be beneficial to take your TruVitals gummies with a meal. You may also want to take your TruVitals Gummies at the same time each day to make it part of your daily routine.


      Q. Can I give TruVitals Kids gummies if my child is lactose-intolerant?

      A: Yes, as TruVitals Kids gummies are 100% lactose-free. Every batch of production is tested for 300+ biological and chemical tests, which also tests for allergens. Only when the product is certified allergen free from a 3rd party lab, the product is released for consumption.


      Q. What are Prebiotics ? How do prebiotics help kids ?

      A: Prebiotics are special plant fibers that help healthy bacteria grow in your gut. These healthy bacteria, in turn make your digestive system work better. TruVitals gummies don’t use any sugar or sugar substitutes to make gummies, instead we use the prebiotic fiber derived from Chicory root as our gummy base. The prebiotic benefits are great for kids as it eases digestion and helps in increased absorption of nutrients by the body.


      Q. What are the essential nutrients and which of these nutrients are available in TruVitals?

      A: Essential nutrients are compounds that the body can’t make or can’t make in sufficient quantity. These nutrients must come from food and they’re vital for disease prevention, growth, and good health. Every nutrient has a different requirement and role to play – like Vit A is known for improving vision, Vit C for building immunity, Vit B12 for energy and its metabolism. To get a detailed understanding of key nutrients, their functions, requirements and sources – visit are Our Nutrients page.


      Q. How do we know what are daily dosage of nutrients should be?

      A: Each nutrient daily requirement is determined by multiple factors like age, gender, epidemiology amongst others. To know how much is needed for Indian dietary requirement and how much each food gives, please visit Our Nutrients. While the main source of these nutrients is our food, it is important to take a variety of these foods in right dosages to get all the nutrients everyday. TruVitals helps in meeting the daily-nutri-quota by topping up the nutrients, which are hard to feed consistently.


      Q. What is Wellmune® and how does it help ?

      A: Wellmune® is a natural beta-glucan which is clinically proven to strengthen immunity and reduce sick days. When consumed Wellmune® is taken by the immune cells and binds them to neutrophils, making them stronger and helping in fighting foreign challenges.


      For other product related FAQs – please visit the FAQs in the product pages.