Dear Parents,

As moms, we struggled everyday to provide balanced meals to our kids. In our respective motherhood journeys, we faced numerous challenges like dealing with an underweight kid, chronic respiratory problems, chronic constipation & frequent illnesses.

Just like you, we searched for long-term solutions to these problems with the help of food, but all we found were "healthy snacks" and “trending ingredient” brands in the market. We couldn't find anything that made it easy for busy parents to fulfill their child's daily requirement of nutrients ( like protein, fiber, vitamins, calcium, iron and other essential micronutrients…) each day,  every day.

Research told us that 70% urban Indian kids are not completing their daily nutrition needs. Contrary to popular belief, this issue is not limited to rural India. It is present in the homes of our friends, neighbors….in fact our very own!

That's why TruVitals was born, with the simple belief: Every child deserves complete nutrition and every parent deserves holistic nutrition guidance from our team of nutritionists.

We are not just a brand, but a movement towards a healthy lifestyle right from childhood.

Our mission is to create foods which are nutritionally dense, not just trendy snacks. Every food we make gives the maximum amount of nutrition per bite - in formats kids love!

We promised to ourselves - we will only launch products, which our own kids can eat everyday! This means there is NOTHING harmful in our products - NO refined sugar, NO Maida, NO Preservatives, NO Additives - just tasty & nutritious foods!

We are all about making Nutridense bites that kids deserve! 

Make every bite & sip nutridense by adding our products in your kids daily meals.

And we hope that your kids love our products as much as we have loved making each one of them!

Love & Health

Nikita & Rashi


Always committed to our promise:

  • *100% Nutridense - Small bites with powerful nutrients. 
  • *100% Clean - NO Refined Sugar, NO Maida, NO Preservatives, NO Chemicals. 
  • *100% Knowledge - Expert nutrition guidance for all.
  • *100% Honest - 250+ tests on products & reports shared transparently.

100% Nutridense

100% Clean

100% Knowledge

100% Honest

About the Founders

The founders are friends from IIM Lucknow and now moms to young kids. They together bring 30 years of experience in FMCG, DTC brand and marketing.

Nikita Tamta

Rashi Sethia