Why TruVitals is 100% Clean?

Our promise as two moms has always been to make food which we can give to our kids DAILY and not feel guilty. When your child has Truvitals products, feel satisfied as a parent that he/she is consuming something nutridense with NO junk.  We stay away from refined sugar, maida,preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors and all chemicals!

No Refined Sugar

Proof of Clean Ingredients

No Maida

Preservatives & Additives

Testing at all stages

1. Checking Certificate of Analysis of all ingredients

Each ingredient has to comply by quality testing certified by its Certificate of Analysis. We only take ingredients which meet our quality criteria before they get into the manufacturing process.

2. Pre Blend Testing

The Pre-blends of all natural ingredients used in our products are measured to deliver quantities which are true to the product label claims.

3. Post Production Testing

Once a production batch is made, it undergoes 250+ tests checking for Preservatives, Pesticides, Allergens, Contaminants, Heavy Metals, Naturally occurring toxins and Pathogens. Only when a government certified laboratory gives clearance for all these parameters, the production batch is declared safe for your consumption.

4. Stability Testing

Our products are tested for their stability so that there is the right amount of dosage and protection given to keep its nutrition intact to deliver health benefits to you.

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