What are Multivitamin Gummies? Why Take Them, and How Do You Choose the Right One?

Are multivitamin gummies for kids the right way to complete their nutrition requirement? Lets find out!

But wait, lets first understand what are multivitamins and how much are really needed by kids.

Multivitamins/minerals are a combination of many different vitamins and minerals that are normally found in foods and other natural sources. They are sourced beyond food, when not taken through the diet in desired quantities. Most kids fail to achieve the desired recommended dietary allowances (RDA) due to multiple reasons like fussy eating, some eat healthy but have only few favourites which don’t complete all nutrient requirement during their early growth years. If your kid eats a healthy and balanced diet, then she/ he doesn’t need a multivitamin. However, mostly its difficult to feed them a wide variety of foods and some might have issues in absorbing some nutrients, which is when multivitamins become a great idea. 

Multivitamin gummies for kids are soft chewables which can be easily taken by kids to meet their daily nutrient requirement. These come in exciting shapes, sizes and flavours – alongside offering great health benefits – helping in meeting the nutritional needs of kids. These work out better alternatives to the medicine like multivitamin syrups as they are better in taste, don’t have an unusual smell and extremely convenient to consume.

After knowing about what multivitamin gummies are for kids: it is equally important to learn how to choose the right multivitamin for kids, isn’t it?

One needs to wisely choose while purchasing these gummies, as there are many factors for consideration. Is your kid allergic to foods like gluten, gelatin, nuts? Are you okay giving him/her gummies with artificial flavours or sweeteners? Does the gummy have sugar or sugar substitutes?

So how do you choose the right multivitamin gummies for your kids? You should check the label for the following information:

  • Total sugars to make them tasty
  • Artificial colours, flavours, food dyes, fillers used to give them an appealing texture
  • Allergen information

Once the right multivitamin gummy has been selected, it is imperative to know the types of vitamins and minerals in the gummy. Is it really important to have all vitamins and minerals? Why take Vitamin C gummies only?

You might want to consider the gummy which is most relevant for your child. Does she eat a lot of green leafy vegetables – then you might not have to look at iron supplementation. Is he happy taking citrus fruits – then he gets enough Vitamin C to meet his daily requirement. Check for  multivitamin gummies which have vitamins and minerals which are generally not met from your kids daily diet like Vitamin B complex, Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin D etc.

Vitamin C is helpful in healing wounds, improving the absorption of iron from plant-based foods and helps the immune system work properly to protect the body from diseases. Vitamin C in gummies, hence plays a big role in reducing the risk of iron deficiency in kids especially when more than 50% of the children are anemic in India. 

Scientifically, kids need to consumer 4-5 serves of 80-100 gms of fruits and vegetables everyday, which becomes a task! Hence multivitamin gummies for kids, helps in solving this problem for you.

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TAKE HOME MESSAGE: Choose the right multivitamin gummies for your kid, depending on their personalized requirement.