Top 6 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Vitamin C Supplement in their Diet

Being a parent is the most joyous thing in the world. However, it pains us the most, when our kids are unwell, isn’t it?

One of the most important things to focus during their growth years is to build their immunity. This helps them fall sick less often, keeping them healthy and hence helps in their continuous growth journey. 

Vitamin C is one such vital vitamin for kids which helps in building their immunity and also other innumerable ways. While this vitamin is abundantly available in many foods, it might still not be taken in its required quantities everyday by kids. That’s what results in the need for vitamin C supplements which can help in ensuring the right quantities of these are taken everyday.

What is Vitamin C and why is it needed?

Vitamin C is a water soluble nutrient which plays an important role in kids physical functions. It is also called as ‘Ascorbic Acid’

Apart from being the key nutrient in benefiting the kids immunity, it is also important for a wide range of bodily functions like as follows:

  • Healthy bone growth
  • Acts as antioxidant
  • Supporting skin health
  • Helps in absorption of Iron
  • Maintains Nervous system

Kids Benefits from Vitamin C in innumerable ways: Healthy bone growth: 

1. Vitamin C is very essential in the early years to support healthy bone building particularly young kids as their growth is rapid. Additionally, it also plays an important role in aiding healthy growth and development of kids teeth.Acts as antioxidant:

2. We all stay in polluted cities and are constantly exposed to certain harmful rays and chemicals. This increases the probability of free radicals in the body that damages the cell membranes and other structures. Vitamin C plays the role of an antioxidant to neutralise these free radicals and helps prevent from damaging the healthy body cells.

3. Supporting skin health:

Vitamin C also takes care of our skin’s health by maintaining the collagen formation and support the connective tissues.

4. Helps in absorption of Iron:

Anaemia is a public health problem especially in kids and Vitamin C helps in increasing the absorption of Iron in the body. This combination benefits kids overall growth and development.

5. Maintains Nervous system:

Vitamin C also helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system for kids. The nervous system helps your child walk, speak, swallow and learn. 

6. Immune Health:

One of the best Vitamin C’s known function is supporting the immune system which is their inbuilt defence mechanism against odd germs. Any disease can attack our body when the immune system is weak. 

TAKE HOME MESSAGE: It is essential to provide your kids with the right Vitamin C supplements, due to the many roles it plays in keeping them healthy.