5 Reasons to Buy Multivitamin Gummy Bears

They say it takes a village to raise a child. One of the biggest effort taken to raise a child is also feeding her/ him the right nutrition. The reason is simple – kids don’t understand the concept of health or nutrition. Infact, they are mostly picky eaters when it comes to anything healthy. They only understand one language when it comes to food or nutrition – that is taste. 

That’s why multivitamins in the form of gummy bears becomes a great alternative to top up their nutrition requirement. Gummy bear Multivitamins are now a common practice to ensure that your child is getting all the right vitamins and minerals. These are vitamins for children with a pleasant taste and are convenient to take, without giving any medicinal feeling. Infact, they become a healthy snack treat for kids, as they love the taste of these chewables. 

You need to choose the multivitamin gummy bear which is right for your child. As these vitamins for kids are made with sugar or sugar substitutes, they are not acceptable to most parents. That’s why, you should know what makes the best multivitamin for kids based on your own definition of health and nutrition. There are very few No sugar alternatives of multivitamin gummy bears available in India. TruVitals is the first ever kids gummy bear which has no sugar added. Our gummy base is made with a natural prebiotic fiber which is also great for your childs gut health. This fiber is a great replacement of sugar in our gummies, which only have 0.3 gms of natural sugar coming from the fiber source.

Balanced diet that includes the all the food groups is so important for kids growth and development. Vitamins and minerals, like other nutrients are very important during the growth years for children. 

Regardless of your child’s eating habits, multivitamin gummy bears are a tried and tested way to make sure kids are getting multivitamins they need every day. 

Here are five reasons kids can benefit from taking a multivitamin gummy bear on a daily basis:

  1. Immunity boosters: Vitamins like A, C and D are important to support immune health. These need to be taken by kids in the desired quantities everyday along with other nutrients. Multivitamins can contribute to antioxidant health, and help keep your child’s immune system healthy and fortified. 

  2. Boosted energy levels: Kids need energy from the right sources to fuel their active days and not the temporary “energy” that comes blood sugar spikes coming from sugar. The best multivitamins gummies for kids are rich in B vitamins, which can help them convert food into energy, and have no sugar added.  Moreover, growing children need to replenish their supply of B vitamins daily, so they can support energy metabolism and enjoy their busy, fun-filled days to the fullest.

  3. Nutritional gaps be filled: A multivitamin gummy bear a just a way to supplement your kids diet and fill any potential nutritional gaps. A nutritional gap is a shortage of any one vitamin or mineral, and can affect optimal health. Many kids suffer from these shirtages due to being picky eaters and can benefit from the daily top up nutrition provided by best multivitamins gummy for kids.

  4. Stronger bones: Multivitamin gummy bears like TruVitals contain vitamin D, which helps their growing bodies absorb the calcium. Getting enough of this vitamin is essential during early childhood and adolescence, when most of a person’s bone mass is formed.

  5. Healthy habits: The regular replenishment of vitamins and minerals is essential to health and vitality, and this is especially true in the growing bodies of children. Kids who grow up taking their vitamins every day are much more likely be free of deficiencies as an adult due to these early interventions.


TAKE HOME MESSAGE: Multivitamin gummy bear is a new age way of giving vitamins to children. Just find the right match for your requirements as there are many alternatives available in the market. The best multivitamin for kids will have very low or no sugar, free of allergens and would not use any synthetic flavours, colours or other ingredients.